Pure Maths Teaching Resources


The arithmetic of surds – from TeachitMaths.co.uk


Interactive quiz – solving quadratic equations by factorising

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This is from GeoGebra user Sparky. There are 20 questions and you have to enter the two values for x in each case before checking your answer. Clicking on ‘Check Answer’ reveals the correct factorisation and answers. The questions are ordered in increasing difficulty.

Getting to know the quadratic function – from TeachitMaths.co.uk. Very thorough. Covers: completing the square to find vertex; the discriminant; sketching quadratics; an investigation into links between roots.

Sketching Graphs

Matching quadratic and cubic curves to equations – from TeachitMaths.co.uk. A nice activity where learners have to match quadratic and cubic equations with their graphs. Completing the square is used in the quadratic part.

Graph Transformations

Graph transformations – PowerPoint from TeachitMaths.co.uk. Ten multiple-choice questions covering all the transformations needed for Core Maths. Useful as a whole-class activity with mini whiteboards.

Graph transformation blitz – from TeachitMaths.co.uk

Function transformations – from TeachitMaths.co.uk. Ten PowerPoint slides reviewing translations and stretches.

Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate geometry – straight lines – from TeachitMaths.co.uk. Good for consolidating the chapter.


Developing your own method – from TeachitMaths.co.uk. Three multi-stage questions with no hints.