This is a collection of the best maths posters and general display resources I have found on the Internet. Feel free to add any I have missed in the comments below!

Maths Posters

Maths Propaganda Poster Campaign – a collection of motivational maths posters in the style of World War propaganda from TES user ttxgw4.

Famous Mathematicians Posters – 11 colour posters of famous mathematicians in a PowerPoint file from TES user siyoung91.

Mathematical Moments – a series of posters from the American Mathematical Society to “promote¬†appreciation and understanding of the role mathematics¬†plays in science, nature, technology, and human culture”.

Plus Posters – high quality posters from Plus Magazine.

General Posters

Venspired – very artistic posters from Krissy Venosdale.


Block Posters – an online tool for creating huge posters from your own images.