Maths Flash Cards

These maths flash cards can be used to help revise for maths exams. Click on the links below to open the flash cards in a pop-up window. Each card has a question on one side and its answer on the other. Think about the answer to each card before clicking to turn it over. Saying the answer aloud would be a good way of practising learning these facts.

Remember though – these are only the key facts and formulae. Exam questions are designed to test how well you can apply these in a variety of situations.

I used GoConqr to create these – they have iOS and Android apps which seem to work very well. If you spot any typos or think I have missed anything (or if you’ve found them useful!) please comment below.

Edexcel Core 1

WJEC Core 1

Edexcel Core 2

WJEC Core 2

WJEC Core 3

WJEC Core 4

WJEC Statistics 1

Edexcel Statistics 1